BBC NDeavour Moth Survey

Elephant Hawk Moth

Here are the moth records from our 3 nights stay at Burnside.

The main highlights being:

1 x Lunar Yellow Underwing (nationally scarce B species)………. a new species to all of us!!

1 x Festoon (nationally scarce B species)

2 x Mere Wainscot (nationally scarce B species)

6 x Dingy Shell (local)

2 x Least Carpet (local)

1 x Blackneck (local)

Nationally scarce B species or Nb species equates to having been recorded from only 31 to 100 10km squares in Britain since 1st January 1980.

Local equates to having been recorded from 101 to 300 10km squares in Britain since 1st January 1960.

The only migrant species recorded around Alderwood were regular immigrants 1 x Dark Sword-grass and 2 x Silver Y.

Further afield at Knettishall Heath amongst several notable species we recorded were a further 8 Lunar Yellow Underwing and 2 x Festoon along with 2 x Royal Mantle and 1 x Reddish Light Arches both of which were new species to the other 3 members of our group.

Whilst we thoroughly enjoyed our successes we recognise that the weather conditions were in the main far from ideal and therefore we remain very confident that this whole area is likely to deliver many more notable species, so we’ll be back, it’s just a question of when!!

We found Burnside to be just a perfect base for our exploits and very well appointed and comfortable.

Thank you again Leigh for so readily accommodating our groups moth trapping wishes and for agreeing to our good friend Richard Steel to join us bringing his camper van on site for one of the three nights.

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